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Fast Track - Company Profile

In its tenth year, The Dearborn-Buckingham Group, Inc. has found that staying true to its founding principles is its best approach to any market condition. "Value to the customer, that's our emphasis; give value to the customer," says Christopher Coleman, the company's president.

A 20 year veteran of the homebuilding industry, Coleman sees today's market filled with ever more educated buyers. He said, "The person who comes into our sales office or model home today is so much better educated that the buyers of even 5 years ago; educated about the market place, what's available and what they want. The variety of sources available on the internet and television has helped buyers tremendously." Coleman continued, "This is great for us because the more educated and engaged a customer is the better decision they will make and we think they'll see that we offer the best value."

When asked about the Fast Track recognition Coleman replied, "To make the Fast Track list again is such a reflection on our team. We really love what we do and I think it shows. Working with our buyers to build their new homes and seeing their dreams realized: what an honor for us to be part of that."

"I certainly don't know if all," Coleman concluded, "but I have found that if you listen to your buyer, develop attractive neighborhoods, design great floorplans and work hard to build with quality and value in mind, you'll set yourself apart."